Take the light show to another extreme…

Lighting is an extremely effective way of creating the ideal atmosphere you want for your event.  Whether you want your guests to feel relaxed, excited or energetic, we can help create the mood you want using the art of lighting

Kamology are here to create your atmosphere and can work to custom spec throughout the whole process. We have vast experience in transforming spaces to match your theme or vision whether creative lighting for an cocktail reception, garden party, lighting a fashion show or full ighting production at your wedding recption.

We strive to push the boundaries of creativity and have an innovative and enthusiastic team here drawing on years of experience in a range of settings.

Always respectful of your budget, constraints and design parameters, our expert team can create the lighting you require no matter the circumstance.  We are committed to providing events lighting solutions artistically and often in what might seem impossible scenarios and budgets.


Lighting fixtures which are used to add ambient lighting which creates a glowing atmosphere to the venue and its features by colour washing walls and ceilings. These LED uplighting can be used to tailor to your desired colour theme or colour changing. Used with led wash head lighting adds a more dynamic colour wash to the whole venue with moving colour changes

Moving Heads

The moving head can swiftly alter many aspects of the venue changing the personality of the light very quickly. They create the perfect atmosphere, with their small size and ease, giving a powerful array of dazzling features. Available as a profile, led wash, and ever-popular beam moving head.

Laser Lighting System

The famous icon lighting system with breath taking mid air effects from the bright green laser beam to the multicolor 3D shape projecting laser system. Laser Power ranging from 1watt to 5watt. Available as a single or multiple beam.

Lighting Production

Take your event a step further with lighting production, incorporating the whole of the venue, staging, and features of the venue into account giving that added pizazz to your event. We will design the best solution whether that is hanging truss into the venue or creating a custom solution to work with your chosen venue.

Low Smoke

Smoke/Mist is outputted slowly and settles low to the ground for that slow drifting effect, creating the ideal setting for first dances. Low smoke can be enhanced in any colour with led colour washers.

Haze Machine

A very light density smoke machine which is not visual to the eyes but complements the light show allowing all the light beams to have a sharp edge effect and showing all light patterns clearly in mid-air.

Pin Spot Lighting

A beam of light which is angled towards an area from a height to light up / pin spot specific areas such as your table and its content. Ideal for venues where you would like to have the venue lighting dimmed right down to create your desired ambience.