A Unique, Vibrant and Extremely Professional mobile Discotheque outfit. Concentration to client requirements outlines Kamologys attention to detail, which has contributed to our ‘word of mouth’ growth and popularity. Dedicated to creating the most flamboyant entertainment experience.
We provide you with a totally unique solution for your entertainment and hosting needs.  Combining the most state of the art sound system processing, lighting production and video screen technology collaborated with the music content variety only a professional DJ can provide. The unique combination of services creates a package which is truly one of a kind.

Our ‘Bronze package’ is regarded as the base platform for all our available packages. As this is the base package, this set-up is a simple, smartly presented setup. It is perfect for those who want the minimal sleek look – it covers the essentials of sound, lighting, music and host.

The Bronze package can be upgraded to higher packages available through Kamology or personalised through our array of products and services to create a bespoke package to suit your requirements. The Silver, Gold and Diamond Packages are examples of the most popular packages booked through us.

Take your event that step further with the aid of stage set design and production lighting creating the impossible and bringing your dream a reality with our in house production & design team

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